A True Urban Legend

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We’re waiting for the movie:

Attorney “Charles Vance Millar—a wealthy Toronto bachelor and an irrepressible practical joker—stipulated in his will that he would award a large portion of his huge estate to the woman who could give birth to the most number of babies within a 10-year period. His death on October 31, 1926 sparked Toronto’s Great Stork Derby, which lasted until 1936. . .

“In the end, four women received $125,000 . . . for making nine babies each. Two women actually produced 10 children, but both were disqualified for legal reasons. One woman suffered two stillborn infants (only live births were counted), while another had several children out of wedlock (unless specifically outlined otherwise by the will’s author, Toronto law only allowed legitimate children to be included in a will). The women received $12,500 each as consolation prizes.”